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3,462 diamonds found
3,462 diamonds found
Rose Cut 5.35ct F VS1
Rose Cut 5.35ct F VS1 N/A.N/A.N/A/Strong
Oval 0.30ct I SI1
Oval 0.30ct I SI1 N/A.N/A.N/A/None
Emerald 0.30ct H VS1
Emerald 0.30ct H VS1 N/A.N/A.N/A/None
Emerald 0.30ct H VVS1
Emerald 0.30ct H VVS1 N/A.N/A.N/A/None
Emerald 0.30ct G VS1
Emerald 0.30ct G VS1 N/A.N/A.N/A/None
Emerald 0.31ct G VS2
Emerald 0.31ct G VS2 N/A.N/A.N/A/None
Oval 0.40ct D SI2
Oval 0.40ct D SI2 N/A.N/A.N/A/Faint
Oval 0.40ct D SI2
Oval 0.40ct D SI2 N/A.N/A.N/A/Faint
Marquise 0.44ct E VS2
Marquise 0.44ct E VS2 N/A.N/A.N/A/None
Pear 0.40ct I VS2
Pear 0.40ct I VS2 N/A.N/A.N/A/Faint
Round 0.31ct F VS1
Round 0.31ct F VS1 N/A.N/A.N/A/None
Emerald 0.71ct K VVS2
Emerald 0.71ct K VVS2 N/A.N/A.N/A/None
SGLVery Good5.35Slightly ThickVS1N/AN/AN/AStrong--62.2%57%10.1x10.2x6.3
GIAExcellent0.3Slightly ThickSI1N/AN/AN/ANone$935.00$280.5057.9%58%5.4x3.9x2.2
HRDExcellent0.3Very ThickVVS1N/AN/AN/ANone$1,200.00$360.0065.3%66%4.5x3.3x2.2
SGLExcellent0.3Very ThickVS1N/AN/AN/ANone$1,200.00$360.0065.5%64%4.4x3.3x2.2
GIAVery Good0.4ThickSI2N/AN/AN/AFaint$1,105.00$442.0061.9%56%5.8x4.2x2.6
SGLExcellent0.4Slightly ThickVS2N/AN/AN/AFaint$1,326.00$530.4058.9%58%6.4x4.2x2.5
GCALExcellent0.31Slightly ThickVS1N/AN/AN/ANone$1,776.00$550.5662%59%4.3x4.3x2.7
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